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St. Lawrence, is a coming of age story about learning to accept help and love in order to achieve your dreams.  A young man, Thomas, (Chris Vlahos,) who is down on his luck, is driven to make his own movie for a contest with the hopes that winning might pull him out of his funk. Without resources, he finds he has to put his ego aside in order to navigate a hard city and grow into the filmmaker, and the man, he always dreamed he could be.                                                      

Starring Chris Vlahos, Ariel Gerard and Tim Braddock, Director Sandie de Freitas Commffest Productions

in association with Telemark Media Productions Inc 82m Canada

Plays with "We Went out" Director Ian Kamau 12m Canada

followed by

Alan Cohen and  Friends a musical presentation featuring Tracey Gallant,  Cal B,  The Performing Arts Lodge   $20.00


St Lawrence Centre for the Arts 27 front st East 6.20PM September 16th

 Director Hubert Boorder Canada 9:59

Hanna unknowingly wakes up in an abandoned building swarmed with (mercenaries) She must survive her way out to escape. Failure is not an option, Failure is death!

screens with Armeno Project and Low Water Pressure all one price.

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September 18th 5.00pm Imagine Cinema 80 Front St East
Director Colin Askey  Canada 1.20m

Set in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, LOVE IN THE TIME OF FENTANYL is an intimate, observational look beyond the stigma of injection drug users, revealing the courage of those facing terrible tragedy in a neighbourhood often referred to as ground zero of the overdose crisis in Canada. As the number of overdose deaths reaches an all time high, the Overdose Prevention Society (OPS) opens its doors — a renegade safe injection site that employs primarily current or former drug users, its staff and volunteers save lives and give hope to a deeply marginalized community as the overdose crisis rages. 


St Lawrence Centre for the Arts 27 Front st east
Director Behzad Sedghi  Canada 01:04

An obscure middle-aged Iranian filmmaker in Canada is out of ideas. When a German friend invites him to join an artists’ resort in Italy to make a film, he accepts the invitation much to his wife’s dismay who finds his plan self-indulgent in view of the many problems at home. The adventure turns out to be a mistake at first; the resort, an idyllic Italian villa in its charming surroundings, is filled with a cacophony of many artistic expressions impossible to decipher. But as the week nears an end he finally manages to recognize a pattern of his own artistic vision that can put his life back on track.

plays with One in The Chamber and Low Water pressure

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September 18th 5.00pm Imagine Cinema 80 Front St East
we went

Director Ian Kamau  Canada 12m

We Went Out is a short film based in Toronto that explores coming of age in the in-between spaces of a city.

In the spring of 2021 Rosina Kazi called to ask if I would contribute to a project she was curating as part of the 2021 Luminato Festival. The project would become a five-part docu-music series called Guided by Starlight—Exploring Toronto’s Musical Galaxy. The concept focused on neighbourhoods then pivoted to venues because of the music venue closures happening in the city due to Covid restrictions and lockdowns. I told Rose, a long-time friend, that many of those venues did not treat hip hop or young Black and Brown people well in the times when we performed in them regularly. The venues my close friends and I spent the most time in where in-between and informal spaces: sidewalks, stairwells, benches. We had few formal places to be on our own. I made We Went Out, a short film featuring my close friends and members of the downtown hip hop community in the 90’s and 00’s, to pay homage to the people who became adults in those in-between spaces. It is a mapping project. We have wonderful and significant memories in places that are not often valued, that didn’t value us, but are an important part of Toronto’s cultural landscape.

Screens with "St. Lawrence"


St Lawrence Centre for the Arts 6.20pm September 16 27 Front st East

 Director Fancesco filice 14:17 Canada

Jason and Melissa have been in a loving relationship for three years. But lately there is something between them that neither of them wants to acknowledge. Over the course of one conversation they have to come to terms with the fact that their relationship isn't what they thought it was.

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Imagine Cinema September 18th 5.00pm 80 front St East

Director Jordana Bleiwas Canada, USA  13.16m

Lucy, a frightened and conflicted pregnant teenager has a monumental decision to make while simultaneously struggling to maintain her relationship with her religious father. The recent overturning of the constitutional protection for abortion in the U.S. which has galvanized attention on this subject around the world highlights the timeliness of this short film. Moreover, the real-life shockwaves caused by this polarizing ruling make films like “Lucy”, that grapple with these questions of abortion, privacy, bodily autonomy and others more crucial than ever.

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Imagine CInema September18 7.30-10pm 80 Front St East