when hope

Canadian Premiere

Director Matthew Wagner 90m Canada/USA   Sept 15th 1.30pm

From Award Winning director Matthew Wagner comes When Hope Breaks Through, the inspiring story of Mike Shoreman, a disabled paddleboarder who attempts to become the first person with disabilities to cross all five Great Lakes. In 2018 Mike was diagnosed with a neurological condition that left him paralyzed, with vertigo, hearing and vision loss, ultimately leading to depression and a mental health breakdown. This riveting documentary explores the current state of the mental health crisis in Canada and our relationships with our own mental health. The film immerses the audience in Mike's epic five crossings, encompassing over 300 kilometers of open water paddling with his dedicated crossings team.

Together these strangers come together and form an inseparable bond as they face and conquer obstacles from boats breaking down, medical emergencies to hallucinations and everything in between.

TICKETS   St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts 27 Front St East

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