OCT 27TH     7.30 PM            ST. LAWRENCE 82m           Cineplex Scotiabank Theatre Richmond st  Purchase below for tickets

OCT 28TH     7.30                   ST. LAWRENCE                   Imagine cinema 80 Front St (limited seating tickets only at imagine cinemas)

A young filmmaker  is conflicted between  his  nowhere career and his relationships while trying to save the local film festival.

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OCT 28th   5PM           BROKEN DIAMONDS    IMAGINE CINEMA (tickets through Imagine cinema $15.00 

Once twenty-something Scott Weaver (Platt) receives the call from his step-mother (Brown) that his father has passed away in his sleep, he is acutely unaware of how this will affect his dream of moving to Paris to complete his first novel. Just days away from packing up and boarding the trans-Atlantic flight, Scott must pick up his schizophrenic sister, Cindy (Kirke) for the last viewing of their father’s body before his cremation. However, this is just the beginning of Scott’s new responsibility of being a legal guardian, as he is Cindy’s sole capable living family member.