Talk on mental illness and racism in youth

An evening of open conversation sponsored by Commffest that looks to explore racism and how it impacts mental health.

Rosemary Sadlier (Moderator) Rosemary Sadlier, she/her, is an author, consultant and the unpaid past president, for 22 years, of the Ontario Black History Society, and, under her trailblazing leadership (building on the efforts of ancestors and elders), achieved numerous public commemorations related to the African Canadian community including February as Black History Month, and most recently, August 1st as Emancipation Day to affirm and honour our long-term and continuing contribution to Canada.

Jason Kandankery Moderator) Jason Kandankery, he/him, is a Principal with the Toronto District School Board who worked in Regent Park over the last 10 years and is now working in Scarborough. He is passionate about working in under-served communities and how we can work to ensure schools are sites of liberation and possibility for all students. Jason believes schools must work in partnership with the communities we serve by putting anti-oppression at the centre of our actions.

Simone Donaldson (Panel Presenter) Simone Donaldson is the founder,Clinical Social Worker, and principal consultant at Agapé Lens Consulting and Therapy. She has devoted almost 15 years to racialized communities and mental health. Simone provides individual psychotherapy for Black youth and adults, and consults with organizations to bridge the gap between equity and wellness concerns, with a specialization in Anti-Black racism. Simones’ purpose is to support all her clients to see sustainable change, while guiding them patiently and safely towards authenticity, so they may heal, thrive, and live out their purpose .

Dr. Ghadah Almahr (Panel Presenter) MD, Consulting Hypnotist, life and health coach, certified in applied positive psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Ayurveda lifestyle. Founder of Heaven Smile Center in Toronto, a wellness center, focusing on integrative health, mind-body connection, and empowering the community to have optimum physical and mental health. She has offered several workshops in the field of wellness and life balance